Iron, Steam, and Magic: Warpath

Devas sets out
A record of times less havoc...

Late Summer 599, East Gnarls, Cygnar
As summer draws to a close the Galvariano family is in crisis… their youngest son Devas is a bum. To rectify this matter and see that their families legacy is not besmirched by his wayward heir Gregoft Galvariano puts into motion a plan to see his son get off his rear. With a little pushing he directs his son to the city of Point Bourne and to the Strategic Academy with hopes of getting his boy to accomplish something in life. To complicate matters worst is Devas’ long time friend Banlic Banfeld, Ban is a kink in the plans and with no time for things like an academy he has set his sights, and hopefully his child hood friend’s on easier and more lucrative ventures.


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