House Galvariano

House Galvariano

Gregoft Galvariano
Ari 3/ Ftr 2
Head of the Galvariano family and their holdings

Bracstor Galvariano
Ari 2
Second oldest son of the Galvariano family as well as in charge of shipping the families plantation produce

Relhana Bastof Galvariano
Ari 1
The youngest daughter of a southern Cygnarian family Relhana is the wife to Gregoft and mother to Devas

Jervas Galvariano
Ari 1/ Exp 1
Oldest son of Gregoft and Relhana, Jervas has become the heir apparent to the family and works hard to maintain their holdings across Cygnar and abroad

Braccius Galvariano
Exp 2
Only son to Bracstor Galvariano and master of shipping for the family out of Corvis

Vahn Idontine
Rgr 6
Boss Foreman of the Galvariano plantation and long time servant

Old Kay (K-I4)
Decommissioned Sentinel Warjack used on the plantation

House Galvariano

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